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Finals Competition Leaderboard

Prize: ₱300 Load
Winner receives ₱300 Load! Competition ends at conclusion of Governors' Cup final games.
Username Pts Rank
Hendrik Rarugal A 1961.80 1st
Harold Jay M. Pal 1959.30 2nd
Clarence Jake Lun 1951.89 3rd
Marc De Leon 1935.23 4th
Mark Ronald De Le 1854.80 5th
Junius Clifford C 1800.43 6th
Ian Kier Acosta 1765.81 7th
Spat Warriors 1744.87 8th
PeeJay Gacal 1679.03 9th
Christian Ocampo 1474.55 10th
Arnold Liwanag 1341.85 11th
JemrickJene 1340.40 12th
Genesis Izon Gero 1333.30 13th
jOpHi19 1328.80 14th
Danberz 1328.70 15th
Kmart De La Cruz 1325.70 16th
Robert John 1320.30 17th
JcGuerrero 1311.10 18th
Paul Vincent Tan 1302.50 19th
Ronel Garcia 1302.10 20th

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