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W Gameplay Competition Leaderboard

Prize: AND1 basketball shoes, Adidas basketball shirt, Gametime jersey, Adidas bball socks, bball keyrings
1st place = AND1 basketball shoes, models subject to availability and size: Rocket 4.0, Master Mid, Unbreakable 2nd place = Adidas basketball shirt 3rd place = Gametime jersey 4th place = Adidas basketball socks 5th place = Adidas basketball socks 6th-25th place = basketball keyring Competition ends after games on 11 Feb 2018.
Username Pts Rank
samplus28 4589.75 1st
Marc De Leon 4535.20 2nd
Zzzzz... 4506.68 3rd
PopongPanget 4501.31 4th
John Eduard 4489.20 5th
Dillinger 4485.33 6th
Christian Ocampo 4457.47 7th
Pepeng Tektek 4433.95 8th
Ian Kier Acosta 4430.30 9th
Hendrik Rarugal A 4414.03 10th
Clarence Jake Lun 4327.99 11th
Mark Ronald De Le 4281.65 12th
Mark Kallos 4241.56 13th
Spat Warriors 4227.38 14th
jerico castillo 4198.20 15th
James Mateo 4142.73 16th
Clemence Enree Oc 3911.66 17th
Flaimekaizer 3788.81 18th
Rickyboy 3714.71 19th
Relson Batayola 3703.71 20th

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