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Week 4 Bagong Dayo Competition Leaderboard

Prize: ₱100 Load
Winner receives ₱100 Load! Competition ends at conclusion of Philippine Cup week 4 (Sunday 21 Jan).
Win basketball shoes playing fantasy PBA
Win prizes playing fantasy PBA
Contests in this Competition
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Name Points Rank
Bagong Dayo Wicked Wednesday - 2x PBA games n/a n/a View
Bagong Dayo Fun Friday - 2x PBA games n/a n/a View
Bagong Dayo Sweet Saturday - 2x PBA games n/a n/a View
Bagong Dayo Super Sunday - 2x PBA games n/a n/a View
Username Pts Rank
James Mateo 906.13 1st
samplus28 826.80 2nd
Drexler Noblezada 825.98 3rd
JO ED 809.46 4th
Flaimekaizer 804.74 5th
Rodolfo Lucena 802.00 6th
markdaizo 797.30 7th
Fitzwilliam 789.30 8th
Edriel Salazar 783.30 9th
Ligot_25 781.04 10th
Gedan Sindayen 778.90 11th
Mark Kallos 778.00 12th
John Eduard 777.40 13th
Zynna 774.40 14th
keithnoville 772.40 15th
Alljohn Jumawan 768.42 16th
Ron Ambayec 758.10 17th
John Cruz-Banta D 756.60 18th
RJ Magan Jr. 753.40 19th
21Neilsaaaaan! 750.50 20th

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