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Semifinals Philippine Cup Competition Leaderboard

Prize: ₱300 Load
Winner receives ₱300 Load! Competition ends at conclusion of Philippine Cup semifinal games.
Username Pts Rank
Mark Ronald De Le 2732.30 1st
Ar-ar Abaya 2667.20 2nd
El Guapo HD 2649.15 3rd
Ian Kier Acosta 2636.70 4th
Vincent Rey 2613.12 5th
Super Trunks 2608.70 6th
JIYO 2538.85 7th
Bataan ni Tutan 2342.85 8th
pachot 2230.79 9th
Danberz 2071.60 10th
Ryan Christian Di 2042.40 11th
Drexler Noblezada 2021.00 12th
Collin Suyong 1998.20 13th
Pepeng Tektek 1997.80 14th
Eric Blancaflor 1989.80 15th
j.aquino 1987.90 16th
HoopsBlack 1979.80 17th
Jm Rilles 1979.60 18th
Kyle Joseph Nazal 1978.40 19th
Melson John Gallo 1976.20 20th

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